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Marketing communications uses different marketing channels and tools in combination: Marketing communication channels focus on any way a business communicates a message to its desired market, or the market in general. A marketing communication tool can be anything from: advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sponsorship, communication, social media and promotion to public relations.
Public Relations
PR Week US | December 2, 2020

PRSA-NY is addressing D&I not by talking, but by acting says president-elect Andrew Graham.

Deadline - Hollywood | November 29, 2020

Megan Fox and Mindy Kaling are among the alleged victims in a scheme that also cost Manhattan public relations firm MWW Group some $2.5 million, according to court papers.

Business Insider | December 2, 2020

Tech companies are often in the news for issues ranging from antitrust concerns to unsavory content proliferating on their platforms. But besides tamping down crises, these companies also need to promote their products and drive sales.

Advertising Industry News
The Wall Street Journal | December 1, 2020

For the first time, more than half of U.S. advertising spending is set to go to digital platforms such as Google and Facebook, the world’s largest ad buyer said, a reflection of marketers’ strategy shift as the coronavirus pandemic pummeled the industry this year.

AdExchanger | December 1, 2020

As one of the founders of the IAB and early vice chair, I’ve championed the web as the best advertising medium – period. But as I look back on the past 25 years, I’m struck by a harsh reality: We’ve missed the mark. Consumers are angry, regulators have jumped in and some in the mainstream media have called us surveillance capitalists.

Forbes | November 30, 2020

Green The Bid is a grassroots initiative and community created to support the advertising industry in shifting to zero-waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices. It is a volunteer coalition, led by its founding members and the stakeholders of the commercial community (brands, agencies, production companies, post-production facilities, vendors and affiliates) who pledge to come together in this important endeavor.

Forbes | November 30, 2020

Forbes Technology Council member Jim Wilson is the North American CEO of Europe-based Talon Outdoor, an award-winning out-of-home (OOH) advertising technology and services provider for some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies. He said today’s media supply chains lack the transparency marketers need to reliably and cost-effectively reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Marketing Industry News
Advertising Age | November 30, 2020

The marketing and advertising industry is a competitive and fast-paced field. For those who have been in this industry for a long time, it's second nature to respond to the industry's changes and pivot into a new direction. For newcomers, however, reality can be quite different. Every second matters in the marketing world, and experience counts for a lot.

Adweek Magazine | November 15, 2020

A recent Forrester report just predicted that an additional 17,000 agency jobs will be eliminated next year, on top of the already staggering 35,000 jobs that were eliminated in 2020. This will lead to an extraordinary number of uniquely skilled people entering the job market. And it is already having a significant impact on how and where brands look to fill their creative, media and communications needs.