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Top News
The Hill | June 18, 2020

With the looming backdrop of COVID-19, governments cuts will be emminent to social services and invested towards the health sector. Now is the time to restablish education through a new digital medium to strengthen the upcoming generation of professionals.

CNBC | June 17, 2020

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, is donation $120 million to three black colleges. Hastings' support is due to an effort to reverse the generations of inequality in the United States.

Reuters | June 16, 2020

The finacial donation will not only assist in the economic and social consequences of COVID-19 but will support free primary school education and maternal and child health.

Higher Education
Financial Times | June 18, 2020

During the age of COVID-19, universities now more than ever understand the significance of securing their intellectual property in the hopes of not only protecting their assets but generating revenue that can be funneled back into their own research.

Bloomberg | June 17, 2020

A new survey reveals enrollement into a four-year college could decrease up to 20% this fall. This depicts not only a diffcult pressure for colleges to have outlined saftey plans but also a hard desicion for poor or minority students to deter higher education.

CNBC | June 17, 2020

COVID-19 is transforming the way we interact, work and learn everyday. Online learning has surged as a result, making students rethink what the new higher education model should cost and function as.

The Hill | June 18, 2020

A poll foud that 37% of parents of children who attend a K-12 school said they are in favor of having their children return to school part-time while 55% favored their children returning full-time.

San Antonio Express-News | June 16, 2020

Focus Skills opens up students understanding of key ideas and topics under the catered subject the students are studying.

Fox News | June 17, 2020

Dr. Nicole Saphier illustrates the long term impacts parents are having on their childrens mental state, including anxiety and depression.

Government Regulations International | June 18, 2020

The Department of Education is fighting to exclude DACA reciepeints from recieving coronavirus relief grants despite a court ruling temporaily striking down this effort.

Education Technology
CNN Money | June 16, 2020

Educators are weighing in on how to saftly welcome students back into school. Technologies are now being now being embraced to help barthe spread coronavirus. Safety methods vary anywhere from UV lights, thermal cameras and trackable student IDs.

CBS News | June 16, 2020

Associate professor at Standford Graduate School of Education, discusses the immense impact of utilizing culturally relevant science within educational technology and how it helps empower students.

CNBC | June 16, 2020

Many top companies like Walmart, Disney and Chipotle are utlizing Guild Education to award employees with access to online learning tools and classes.

Conferences & Events
FOX 40 WICZ TV | June 12, 2020

The Rural Communities Foundation (RCF) has opened applications for the financing of projects backing recreational, education events or activities, and cultural programs.