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Energy consumption has a pattern of increasing and decreasing that is all dependent on what type of energy is being used and generated. While the world has many different options, from renewable to non-renewable, it's important to understand how individual countries and especially the United States are handling the energy industry as a whole. In recent times with the global COVID-19 pandemic, there's been ups and downs when it comes to the energy sector of the United States which will ultimately factor into the outcome of global climate change.
Top News | June 28, 2020
Fracking trailblazer Chesapeake Energy becomes the biggest oil and gas bankruptcy of the pandemic
Los Angeles Times | June 25, 2020
California's clean energy programs are mainly benefiting the rich, study finds
Reuters | June 24, 2020
Wells Fargo signs multi-year contracts with Shell for clean energy
Business Insider | June 24, 2020
The pandemic has shifted the focus towards tech and renewable energy — here are 10 promising sectors for investment, according to ...
US News & World Report | June 23, 2020
Why Cities Must Make Energy-Wasting Buildings More Efficient
Policy & Regulatory News
The Hill | June 23, 2020
efficiency investments. "Given the long history of discriminatory housing policy, lending practices, and racial segregation in ...
Axios | June 23, 2020
cost inequity persists, any future carbon/energy tax, or other policy that raises energy costs, is likely to increase energy ...
The Hill | June 18, 2020
your Facebook or Twitter feed to stay on top of the news. “Policy makers are having to make hugely consequential decisions in a ...
The Hill | June 18, 2020
grid reliability. As stated by Neil Chatterjee, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), “Coal and nuclear ...
Bloomberg | June 18, 2020
would flow into the industrial and buildings sectors, guided by public policy incentives or mandates. The economic impacts from ...
Environmental News
The Washington Post | June 22, 2020
environmental, health and racial justice groups is suing the EPA over the rollback of emissions standards. The group sued the...
The Guardian | June 22, 2020
energy in the United States is inadvertently causing long-term environmental damage to the traditional hunting grounds on their...
Fox News | June 20, 2020
President Joe Biden, recently said in his climate platform that “our environment and our economy are completely and totally... International | June 18, 2020
from the coronavirus pandemic. London (CNN Business)Can the global economy and environment be rescued at the same time? The answer...
The Guardian | June 18, 2020
strings attached, according to the campaigning group Transport and Environment. According to analyst company Bloomberg New Energy ...