November 12, 2020
Live Events
Fresh Water Cleveland
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Published Jun 18, 2020
Live music venues in Cleveland, Ohio have yet to open despite the fact that some bars and restaurants opened in late May. Many venus are becoming creative in ways to reach out to their audiences by virtual events and productions.
Markets Insider- Business Insider
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Published Jun 17, 2020
Production Resource Group, which is the world's leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, is using its innovation and manufacturing capabilities to reopen different public venues by designing a temperature scanner that can be installed in venues, centers and workplaces. It's a portable thermal scanner that provides feedback on up to 700 people per hour.
The Numbers - Marketplace from American Public Media
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Published Jun 17, 2020
Nikunj Jain answers the questions on the future of the entertainment industry, one with sectors spanning from movies, music, dance, sports, live events, television, print, and more. While the future is uncertain, it doesn't mean that people will stop consuming the concept of entertainment in any way possible.
Times Union
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Published Jun 15, 2020
The Annecy International Animation Film Festival had plans to celebrate its 60th Anniversary with a live event prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they will launch an online edition that runs through June 30th because animation production has not suffered the same levels of employment losses that have hit the live action film industry.
Adobe Blog
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Published Jun 16, 2020
As COVID-19 progresses, many entertainment companies have had to rethink how they deliver content. When it comes to live content, it's heading further in the direction of digitizing during this time.
Online (Streaming)
The Motley Fool
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Published Jun 16, 2020
Shares of AMC Entertainment have severely decreased in the past few months, due to the coronavirus pandemic. With online streaming competitors such as Netflix, the company faces many long-term challenges.
Hometown News
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Published Jun 18, 2020
With live events slowly becoming normal in some states and cities such as Fort Pierce, the coronavirus pandemic still showcases the afteraffect that some musicians face while having to livestream performaces online.
Breaking U.S News
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Published Jun 18, 2020
As many parents have to face the reality of keeping children inside amidst the pandemic, the the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children & Youth has introduced a selection of films for families to livestream and enjoy right at home.
Published Jun 15, 2020
With New York being the home of so much artisitic venues and talent, the pandemic has forced for much if not all of them to move online. As travel and performanced have and continue to be cancelled, many companies such as The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater are beginning to stream performances on YouTube.
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Published Jun 18, 2020
As audiences stay at home to help flatten the curve of the pandemic, here is a list of various arts and entertainment that can be accessed online this week. From live stream music and theater to film and TV, there is a variety of entertainment to enjoy.
Cable & TV
The Hollywood Reporter
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Published Jun 17, 2020
Film and TV production has been closed for almost three months now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Los Angeles is seeing the end of it as the production restrictions were lifted on June 11th. Jonathan Dolgen, former chairman of Viacom Entertainment Group talks about how the city is trying to get the entertainment business back up and running.
NBC Los Angeles
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Published Jun 15, 2020
As the California Department of Public Health lifted production restrictions in early June, SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris says going back to set will be far from normal. There are going to be strict procedures in place for those going back to work based on a multi-layered approach to making sets safer.
National Public Radio
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Published Jun 12, 2020
Companies all throughout the entertainment industry such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO are streaming black TV and filmmaking in support of Black Lives Matter. NPR's pop culture critic Linda Holmes provides more insight into the topic.
Yahoo! News
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Published Jun 12, 2020
Recently, the Black Lives Matter movement has changed momentum in all aspects. Particularly in the entertainment industry there has been withdrawal of a variety of TV shows such as "Cops" to films such as "Gone With The Wind".
Travel & Tourism
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Published Jun 16, 2020
As Rockford, IL begins to go thorugh phase four of reopening, the entertainment industry is begininning to see some changes. Some entertainment centers such as movie theaters and bowling allies will be able to open with health guidelines and capacity limits.
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Published Jun 15, 2020
Many in Michigan are ready for a sense of normalcy, but those involved in the entertainment and toursim are being cautious to not open up so quickly. As coronavirus safety protcols are being prepared, tourism experts are unknown as to when bigger events can be rescheduled.
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Published Jun 15, 2020
Large theme parks and vacation destinations such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are in phases of reopening to tourists. There are many new and enhanced practices and procedures to be aware of prior to visit the parks, as described in this article.
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Published Jun 13, 2020
With rapidly changing times ahead of us, there's a multitude of questions surrounding the decisions to be made for things such as purchasing travel and entertainment gadgets. From national and international travel to concerts and homegoods it's important to understand the factors when purchasing.
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Published Jun 12, 2020
While travel may not be as normal this summer, the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado has a variety of performaces to take people on an adventure. The center will hold multiple livestream performaces from various local artists.