Daily News Briefing - Thursday, November 12, 2020
Tops News
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Regulations & Reforms
 The Health 202: Medicaid providers had to wait weeks for coronavirus relief dollars - The Washington Post | 06/12/2020
 HHS reverses ObamaCare rule that included abortion, gender identity in sex discrimination protections - Fox News | 06/12/2020
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Hospital News
 Shortage of Safety Supplies Adds to Risks for U.S. Reopening - The Washington Post | 06/15/2020
 Six in 10 NHS doctors facing shortage of scrubs, shows survey - The Guardian | 06/15/2020
Tops News
CNBC | June 17, 2020
Byline: Alicia Adamczyk
Reach: 66.3m

Though they are less visible than nurses, doctors and other health care professionals, cleaners, security officers and other service workers have also been risking their health to go to work throughout the pandemic, but with lower pay and less access to protective equipment.

FOX 40 WICZ TV | June 18, 2020
Reach: 71.7k

An industry leader in interventional analytics solution in healthcare, RealTime Medical Systems, is debuting DiseaseWatch. The service provides data collection and surveillance of nursing home facilities to immediately identify hotspots of infectious disease like COVID-19. 

Fox News | June 17, 2020
Byline: Brooke Singman
Reach: 72.3m

President Trump signed a PPP Reform Bill, the Paycheck Portection Program Flexibility Act, so loan recipients will now only have to spend 60% of the aid on the maintenance of payroll rather than the previous 75% on salary, health insurance and severance pay.

FOX 40 WICZ TV | June 18, 2020
Reach: 71.7k

By 2027, the global healthcare cybersecurity market size is estimated to be around $12 billion. This increase in financial investment is due to the continuos data errors that have imposed healthcare institutions to actualize protective measures.

Regulations & Reforms
The Washington Post | June 12, 2020
Reach: 84.8m

The Department of Health and Human Services had $175 billion in federal coronavirus relief funds to disperse amongst medical providers and low-income Americans. But the delay in distribution will effect the 750 hospitals treatng many patients waiting for their beneifts as a result of the global health COVID-19 crisis.

Fox News | June 12, 2020
Byline: Morgan Phillips
Reach: 72.3m

Under the policy shift, on the basis of religous freedom, hospitals and insurers alike can refuse to grant services such as abortions and gender-transition procedures.

FOX 40 WICZ TV | June 18, 2020
Reach: 71.7k

The formation of a Taskforce on Telehealth Policy is aimed at the long-term reccomendations as a result of the rise of remote medical services. This entails the development of instructions to policymakers on how to increase the beneifts of telehealth services amidst the maintence of high standards for patient saftey. 

Forbes | June 18, 2020
Byline: Jeff Gorke
Reach: 100m

With the evolution of blockchain technology in the healthcare marketplace, machine learning will need a near-term expectation management so they grow more efficient and valuable over time.

TheStreet | June 17, 2020
Reach: 6.9m

Multicare Connected Care, will be implementing InCarem an Artificial Intelligence-assisted care management solution to aid real-time efficiencies among health officials and provide them with valuable automated work flows. This will analyze data and provide reliable and unified data that can be accessed across all sites of care.

Hospital News
The Washington Post | June 15, 2020
Byline: Thomas Black
Reach: 84.8m

Business in the U.S. are scrambling to equip themselves with the personal protection gear needed for reopening. But due to the limmited suply of masks, gloves and disinfectants, it is leading to further contraints, losses of time and costs for many companies.

The Guardian | June 15, 2020
Byline: Denis Campbell
Reach: 121m

Many hospitals are now experiencing a shortage of scrubs and other personal protective equipment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.